How to transfer a logbook using NTSA website

Tags: NTSA, Citizen TV

Posted: Sunday, 2020-12 at 07:00PM

Below is how to transfer a logbook: Register to TIMS Go to Both parties (buyer and seller) have to create individual accounts. Click on REGISTER AN ACCOUNT and chose the registration options (individual, car dealer, financial institution or company) Fill in the details as required To receive an SMS alert for the secret code that confirms successful transaction, ensure you click on the subscribe SMS option at the top right corner How to make the transfer Click on VEHICLE REGISTRATION to access the menu Click on APPLY FOR TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP Click on CREATE NEW button and key in the vehicle registration number Click on INQUIRE to find information about the vehicle Then click VIEW to get more information UPLOAD a scanned copy of the logbook Under New Vehicle, the seller should select whether they are individual, company, dealer or financial institution. Key in national ID number if making the transfer as an individual If transacting as a company, key in PIN number the click the ADD option Proceed to security verification, select MOBILE Select SEND VERIFICATION CODE then enter the code you will receive on your phone

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