Juventus Officially Confirm Signing of Adrien Rabiot After PSG Contract Expiry

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Posted: Monday, 2019-07 at 07:47PM

​We finally have a satisfying end to the long-running saga that is Adrien Rabiot's future, as Juventus have officially confirmed the signing of the midfielder. The 24-year-old has been on the market since January after a public falling out with the Paris Saint-Germain hierarchy in relation to his contract, with Rabiot refusing to extend terms and PSG subsequently leaving him in the cold for the second half of the season. He was initially reported to have been close to a move to ​Barcelona, with a number of clubs - including Juventus - waiting in the wings, but after a brief flirtation with the prospect of staying put in Paris, Juve emerged as the clear frontrunner for his signature. They went as far as documenting his medical with a series of videos and images on their official social media channels over the weekend, and have today confirmed the signing officially, as the Frenchman becomes Maurizio Sarri's latest addition. A dramatic ​club statement confirming the signing reads: "Class, insertion capacity, high-level physical skills, speed ball and chain. He is Adrien Rabiot , born 3 April 1995 in Saint-Maurice, France. "He will be a new Juventus midfielder, after 7 years at PSG (with a spell of 13 games played at Toulouse)." After a brief summary of his career so far, it concludes: "We are waiting for you, champion!" Rabiot will be presented as a Juve player in a press conference at 10:00 BST on Tuesday morning.

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